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How To Sell Without Selling

Thursday, January 26, 2023

Would you like to know how to convince anyone to do what you want?

But you gotta make a promise first…

Can you do that?

What I am about to tell you is super powerful, and I have faith that you will only use this to help people do what you know is in their best interest.

Please do not use this to manipulate anybody in any way.

Ok, cool. With that out of the way…

I got to share with you how I learned this cause then it will make a lot more sense.

My first true online mentor was Mark Joyner through his software, Simpleology. He introduced me to the concept of “Frame.”

Everybody views things through a frame, and if you can change the frame favorably, you will change the viewer’s perception of the thing.

So that is what a frame is.

So anyways, I have been studying Expert Secrets by Russell Brunson. It is a great book on how to find your voice, build confidence, and become a leader. I highly suggest it.

He shares a story about how he learned to teach online, and he found a way that every time he followed this simple 3-step process for explaining something, that people responded favorably to it every time.

So I’m like shit. I have been reading this book for a minute, but I never really practiced this 3 step process in daily life.

I have used it for the past month, like gangbusters.

I was debating whether or not to share it for a minute because of how powerful this is.

But after further consideration, knowing that my purpose in life is to be the best, help other people become their best, and create win-win relationships. I am sharing this 3-step framework with you now.

Without further ado… Here it is

Follow this 3 step framework whenever you want to persuade anyone to use something.

Tell me how you learned of the thing you want to sell. How were things before? What was your problem? How did this make you feel?

Share the thing that you want to sell. What are the features that solved the problem for you? How did this solve your problem(s)?

Share what results you and others have gotten from the thing you want to sell.

That’s it.

Now at first glance, this seems rather simplistic, but if you make an effort to frame your conversations with this 3-step framework whenever you need to persuade, you will find more people say yes than no.


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Hi, I Am Bradley woods

My purpose is to become my best, share what I have learned to help others do the same, and create win-win relationships together.

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