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Embrace Your Abundance Today

Wednesday, April 26, 2023

I recently came across some powerful thoughts on abundance that I felt compelled to share with you.

I hope you find them as uplifting as I did.

Remember that abundance starts in our minds.

Just like trees never lacking leaves and flowers never failing to bloom, so are we provided with everything we need. After all, aren't we just as important?

This quote really stuck with me: "Consider the lilies of the field, they toil not neither do they spin, yet…Solomon in all his glory was not arrayed as one of these."

It's truly amazing how nature effortlessly demonstrates abundance right before our eyes. And what's more amazing is the realization that this lavish wastelessness is intended for us as well, to be abundantly supplied with everything that makes life beautiful, healthy, progressive, and joyful.

We should remind ourselves that if these "Fruits of the Spirit" don't show up in our lives, it's our own doing. It's essential that we know and embrace the truth of our being to allow our good to come to us.

By expecting and accepting all we need to make life joyous and fulfilling, we honor our spiritual nature and inheritance.

Here's something crucial to keep in mind: nothing but a lack of faith can keep our good from us. Since we are one with the Universal Essence of Life, or Spirit, its Substance will manifest in our lives as we believe.

We should confidently approach our good, not just with a dipper, but with all the empty vessels, knowing they will be filled, allowing our abundance to become manifest.

"This day, as I turn to the Father, within, I bring 'all the empty vessels' knowing they will be filled, and my abundance will become manifest."

Let's start cultivating an attitude of faith, openness, and expectancy toward abundance.

Tap into that innate connection with the Universal Essence of Life and watch as our lives become more beautiful, fulfilling, and abundant.I hope these words of encouragement brighten up your day and add a new perspective to your journey towards abundance.

May you manifest all the good life has in store for you, my friend!

Stay blessed and positive.

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